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Our Reverse Osmosis System Install Services

Don’t have time or the ability to visit our store and fill up your bottles? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Many people choose to have an RO system installed in their house or place of business for a variety of reasons. I mean who wouldn’t want on-demand clean drinking water and crystal clear ice cubes coming out of the fridge?

So now you have your system and it’s up to you to figure out how to install it. Sure you could spend a couple of hours figuring this out only to be left with frustration, leaks, or no water at all. Why bother when you can have our reverse osmosis system install specialist do this for you in a fraction of the time.

The water store reverse osmosis system install service van parked outside

The Water Store offers comprehensive reverse osmosis system services throughout Santa Barbara County.

Rent A Hydrotech Premium RO Unit.....ONLY $25/MONTH

Includes FREE installation, maintenance, and annual filter changes

A reverse osmosis system installed under the sink at home

Professional Reverse Osmosis System Install

When you install or change the RO filters yourself, you may be missing a few crucial pieces of information. Do you check your water pressure, water quality, flow rate, or production rate? Did you change your flow restrictor and is it the right size? We didn’t think so. When people decide to service or install their reverse osmosis system themselves, all too often we see water pressure that’s too high or water quality declining. Not only can this result in poor tasting water but it can also damage your system and cause excessive water waste to the drain.

That is the Water Store difference. With every install or maintenance call, our reverse osmosis system install technician will give you a 5-star inspection. We want to make certain that your system is functioning at optimal levels so you get the best water possible.

five gold stars that represents our services
5 Star Inspection
  • Feed pressure
  • Tank pressure
  • Water quality
  • Water production
  • Waste production
  • Unusual noise
  • Leaks
  • Loose fittings


Services Pricing
  • Residential Reverse Osmosis:
    • $110/hour or part of
  • Water Softener:
    • $110/hour or part of
  • Commercial Equipment:
    • $110/hour or part of
Available Services
  • RO system installation
  • RO repairs & maintenance
  • RO removal
  • Soft water system install
  • Whole house filter install