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Innovate your business with the most efficient Water Store Software that manages your pre-sold water accounts. Combine the software with specified state of the art computer hardware and bring your business to the next level.

1. Eliminate one person from being stuck behind the counter.
2. Provide better customer service.
3. Outstanding accounting and report information.
4. Fast
5. Accurate
6. User-friendly
7. No cards to get lost.

The Water Store Software has been in use over ten years with many modifications and improvements made over the past decade. There are two versions of the software available.

Waterstore-One; is designed for the store that sell just one type of water.

Waterstore-All; is designed for stores selling two types of water and ice.

The Water Store Software is designed to streamline and manage your pre-sold water accounts. Because it is fast and easy, more people sign up.

The Water Store Software eliminates one person and the messy card systems!

As a result there is no waiting in line to pay. People like the computer system and are always commenting on how easy it is to use, and it provides a receipt with a balance of gallons!

When you make it fast and easy for your customers to get water, they will more likely be a customer much longer. They will be loyal customers as they have an investment in your store.

Do you know how many gallons you sell each day, month or year? The Water Store Software is designed to provide custom detailed reports for any time period required.

Do you know who came in and what they took and when they came in? The Water Store Software tells you all that plus much more, in easy to read reports.

Does your customer ever want to know how much water they have used? The Water Store Software provides customer history reports.

The Water Store Software saves so much time from being stuck behind the counter, the person working can do a better job at selling products and helping customers, resulting in increased sales.

In ten years of software operation there has never been any lost data. This is very robust software that has been proven and used for years.

Back-up Water Store Data daily, using the specified state of the art computer technology that protects your customers accounts and your investment.

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